Processed personal data

Predominantly, SwiftTask only processes your explicitly typed in personal data, such as your tasks, your categories and your locations. If you use the location based reminders feature, the coordinates of your locations are shared with the Google Play Services (See Google's privacy policy). The Google Play Services will in turn share with SwiftTask the time when you reach one of your locations.

How is your data used

Your typed in tasks and categories are exclusively stored locally on your device and are searched for predefined keywords to provide you the fitting icons. These keywords and icons are defined inside the app, which means that your data never leaves your device for this feature.

Your typed in locations are also locally stored on your device and are also searched for these keywords. However, for you to be able to select your locations conveniently, SwiftTask uses a location picker provided by Google maps. To be able to send you location based reminders, SwiftTask will share the coordinates of your locations with a Google Play service as soon as you create a task with a specified location (See Google's privacy policy).

In more detail: You add a location to SwiftTask by first typing in its name and then click on "Create location [name]". This will open the location picker provided by Google maps and is the only feature in the app which makes use of the internet permission. Meaning, as soon as you added all your locations, you can disable the internet permission for SwiftTask. Your picked locations are stored locally on your device with their name and coordinates.
When you create a task with one of your locations, SwiftTask shares only the coordinates of this location with the Google Play services. These services will then check your device's location in regular intervals (See Google's privacy policy). When the Google Play services register your device's location close to your task's location, they will notify SwiftTask that you reached it (Making use of the background location permission). SwiftTask will then directly remind you of your task without doing anything else besides that.

If you are interested in the technical details of this behaviour, you can read through my article on Medium.

Managing your personal data

Most of your personal data is stored only on your device, such as your tasks, categories and your locations. This data you can manage directly inside the App itself:

You can also erase all of your data via Android's App settings menu: Long click SwiftTask's App icon, select "App Info", click "storage & cache" and finally "clear storage". Note: Uninstalling the App might not necessarily remove your personal data if a backup option is enabled.

If you use the location based reminders feature, the coordinates of your saved locations and to some extent your movement data could be shared with Google. For more information about that, please read through Google's privacy policy on how they use your personal data and how you can manage it.


If you have more questions about your personal data and its usage, you can send me an Email: mail@sebschaef.com.

Responsible person: Sebastian Schäf