Processed personal data

VIER processes your game statistics, such as highscores and achievements.

How is your data used

VIER stores your highscore locally on the device to display your best highscore in the main menu.

If you enable the Google Play Games service in the app settings, your highscores and achievements are also shared with Google to display you a leaderboard and your game progress through this service. Read more about the usage of your personal data in Google's privacy policy

Managing your personal data

VIER stores your highscore locally on your device. You can erase it via Android's App settings menu: Long click Podify's App icon, select "App Info", click "storage & cache" and finally "clear storage". Note: Uninstalling the App might not necessarily remove your personal data if a backup option is enabled.

To stop sharing your personal data with Google Play Games, you can disable this service in the settings. For more information about how Google Play Games processes and stores your personal data and how you can manage it, please read through Google's privacy policy.


If you have more questions about your personal data and its usage, you can send me an Email:

Responsible person: Sebastian Schäf