Processed personal data

Podify processes your Spotify profile information and information about the podcast shows you follow and listen to. Additionally, it processes your personal data you explicitly provide it: For example bookmarking/playing an episode or the way you filter episodes.
Note: Before logging in for the first time with your Spotify account, you will see a detailed list with explanations on which of your personal data Podify can potentially access with your consent.

How is your data used

Podify uses your Spotify profile information only to display your profile image, your username and email address. Informations about the podcast shows you follow and listen to are only used to present them to you in various ways: Podify only shows you the podcast shows you follow on the Spotify platform. It also enables you to filter and sort them based on their properties and on your personal properties attached to each of them (E.g. Played/Not played by you).

Please note that the aforementioned personal data is downloaded from your Spotify profile and then stored locally on your device. This is done to provide you a seemless experience when navigating through your podcast contents and also to enable you the usage of the app even when you don't have an active network connection.

Your data is not shared with any third parties except Spotify itself. Read more about the usage of your personal data in Spotify's privacy policy.

Managing your personal data

Podify stores your personal data (profile information, podcast show information and podcast episodes information) on your device. You can manage this data through the Spotify App or another Spotify client: Unfollow podcast shows on the Spotify platform and then refresh the Podify App. This will remove any personal data related to that show inside Podify. Please note that in some cases some data is still kept. For example when an episode is bookmarked.

You can also erase all of your locally stored personal data via Android's App settings menu: Long click Podify's App icon, select "App Info", click "storage & cache" and finally "clear storage". Note: Uninstalling the App might not necessarily remove your personal data if a backup option is enabled.

For more information about how Spotify processes and stores your personal data and how you can manage it, please read through Spotify's privacy policy.